2015 Tempranillo

Lake County


TA: 7g/l

pH: 3.6

Brix at harvest: 26

Harvest date: 10/1/2015

Aging treatment: 100% American oak medium grain


Winemaker’s Notes:

“Tempranillo grows equally well in Spain and warmer climes of California.

The bunches when they come in are large and juicy and the resulting wine is equally pleasing. The varietal is one that can stand alone and is known for its fruity character.

My first selection to pair with this wine is cheese, before all else.”

Dane Stark, winemaker

Tasting Notes:

The color of this wine is a deeper and more vibrant red due to medium to high acidity.

It opens with earthy fruit, a touch of floral and medium intensity with a pleasing berry and medium tannic force.

The structure lends itself to aging and the fruit of the mid palate leads to a lengthy finish. Dense tannins provide for a wonderful food wine and will pair beautifully with richer dishes. The finish mingles floral components and nuts with spice, herbs and roses.