2016 Syrah

Tazetta Vineyard

Livermore Valley



TA: 3.5 g/l

pH: 3.8

Brix at harvest: 26.5

Harvest date: 10/04/2016

Aging treatment: 25% New American Oak (2 years air dried)



Winemaker’s Notes:

"This Syrah comes from the vineyard immediately adjacent to the Winery property.

It is an organically farmed, 1/2 acre vineyard with an average vine of 18 years. It has copious fruit and dense character stemming from the perfect drainage and aggressive pruning strategy. It is kept under 3 tons to the acre providing a dense structure and intense flavor profile.

This vineyard is in transition to Biodynamic farming, which includes the use of natural, homeopathic treatments, and excludes the use of artificial chemicals.

The approach is a holistic vision of viticulture which treats the vineyard as an organism and seeks to bring balance to the entire living entity, including using all natural weed control...named Mipsy, Mopsy, Flipsy, and Flopsy, the Babydoll sheep.”

Dane Stark, winemaker


Tasting Notes (provided by PMW staff and ambassadors):

With a sweetness on the entry, this dark and rich wine starts with smooth and nice plum character and has a little smokiness to it. The fruit is rich and clean (which Annette really liked), and the wine is pleasant on the palate with plentiful fruit or berries and floral notes. The entry when you first taste it is on the tip of the tongue and while this is an excellent food wine, would perhaps be enjoyed just as well consumed all by itself!