TA: 4.4g/l

pH: 3.5

Brix at harvest: 24.3

Harvest date: 10/13/2017

Aging treatment: American Oak

Wine Club Only


Winemaker’s Notes:

“Malbec is an intriguing, classically Argentinian varietal and one of the five Bordeaux components.


Although usually blended into the Bordeaux wines, this varietal, produced on its own carries weight on the pallet and is generous in fruit.


This is a single vineyard Malbec which rivals the Argentinian classic presentation.”


Dane Stark, Owner & Winemaker

Tasting Notes:

Medium dark ruby in color.

This wine has a generous aroma of heavy fruit, berries and currants. Medium intensity dried floral notes lead to an elegant mid palate and insignificant tannins around the back of the palate, but a developed structure on the finish with integrated acidity and a lengthy finish. Cacao and smokey flavors hide an underlay of raspberry which carries the fruit to the finish.


The depth of fruit and balance on the wine presage aging potential for a number of years.