2017 Pinot Noir

Potter Valley



TA: 4.8 g/l

pH: 3.6

Brix at harvest: 24

Harvest date: 9/10/2017

Aging treatment: 30% New American Oak



Winemaker’s Notes:

"This Pinot Noir represents a solid wine from a warmer than ideal climate.

 The Potter Valley yields are lower than normal and the temperatures are warm.

This vineyard is a corner stone of the Potter Valley appellation and we were lucky to acquire some fruit from it. 

It may not be a fit for Page Mill long term, but the classic Pinot Noir characteristic is evident and the silky texture is one that keeps me up at night.”

Dane Stark, winemaker


Tasting notes:

Clear ruby with clear red velvet through the center, the wine is filled with clarity. 

This wine has classic Cotes de Bourgogne Pinot Noir fruit, with characteristic floral notes and structure combined with a smooth palate.

It has a delicate backbone of cedar and spice with floral notes and a light oak presence that lingers on the edges. The finish is elegant and clean with soft tannins.

This wine will age fine, but life can be short…. It should be opened on any given Tuesday…. “just because.”