TA: 6.3 g/l

pH: 3.54

Brix at harvest: 27.3

Harvest date: 10/4/2017-10/20/2017

Aging treatment: Barrel aged 18 months


Winemaker’s Notes:

“The Zinfandels that we find in Livermore Valley can be highland raisin or valley floor jam. While both of these vineyards can be considered Valley Floor, they are not in the Tesla corridor of deeper soils. 

The harvest in 2017 was later than normal, providing a little extra hang time, and created a resulting breadth to the palate that we haven’t seen in recent vintages. 

This wine is 60% Sblendorio Vineyard and 35% Donovan Vineyard, with 3% Cabernet Sauvignon, 1% Syrah and 1% Tempranillo…. .”

Dane Stark, Owner & Winemaker

Tasting Notes:

This wine has ruby clarity and vibrant red color. 

Its aroma is candied and bright, with cherries and hints of spicy fruitcake, blueberries and musk. 

With soft tannins and silky mid palate, the fruit is gentle and backed by an elevated alcohol giving it a racy mouthfeel. There are notes of strawberry pie, candied cherries, and a hint of caramel apple towards the finish and in the lingering palate.


Oak plays a minor roll in this wine which saw entirely American barrels with no new barrels.