2019 Angela’s Cuvée





TA: 6.8 g/l

pH: 3.3

Brix at harvest: 23.4

Harvest date: 10/18/2019

Aging treatment: 100% stainless steel

Bottled: 3/2019


Winemaker’s Notes:

“From my time in France I have long sought to emulate one wine in particular. The dry rose wines of the Tavel.

As a wine consuming public we were led astray by the white zinfandels of the ‘80s and are only now coming out of the wilderness, realizing the potential, the versatility of a classicaly made, dry, lovely, refreshing rosé wine.

I began making rosé as a saigné from Cab, Merlot and Zin in the late ‘90’s and now dedicate a harvest of Grenache specifically to this wine.

I am very invested in the outcome of this production… after all, it’s named after my wife.”

Dane Stark, Owner & Winemaker

Tasting Notes:

The Grenache for this wine is left, after crushing, on the skins for 6 hours (depending on vintage) where the juice absorbs color and hints of the complexity of reds. It is then pressed off and fermented cool in stainless vats. It is bottled soon after the new year under a full moon.

It should be served well chilled and has a versatility that can only be brought to your table by being a hybrid wine. It straddles the world between white and red, presenting freshness on the palate and complexity of aroma. It brings emotional legerte (French for lightness) like “opera in the park”, fancy outdoors like “Kentucky derby” and rugged fine cuisine like “great American cookout” as no other wine can.