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San Francisco Bay


Tasting Notes:

The barrel fermentation of 20% of this Chardonnay adds complexity while the 80% that is fermented in stainless steel under temperature control provides freshness and structure. 

It has opening notes of butter, lemon, fruit and honey suckle with a bit of almond and vanilla on the nose.

    It has a lovely, gold yellow, straw color.

    The palate entry is of floral components with ripe fruit in the California style and a soft, pleasing mid palate. The acidity is tempered making this an excellent food wine but one that drinks all by itself just fine! There is honey and buttercup in the finish with lingering bright floral and a subtle kiss of American Oak.


Angela’s Cuvee


Tasting Notes:

The Grenache for this wine is left, after crushing, on the skins for 6 hours (depending on vintage) where the juice absorbs color and hints of the complexity of reds. It is then pressed off and fermented cool in stainless vats. It is bottled soon after the new year under a full moon.

    It should be served well chilled and has a versatility that can only be brought to your table by being a hybrid wine. It straddles the world between white and red, presenting freshness on the palate and complexity of aroma. It brings emotional legerte (French for lightness) like “opera in the park”, fancy outdoors like “Kentucky derby” and rugged fine cuisine like “great American cookout” as no other wine can.


Livermore Valley Vintners’ Collective - “LVVC”

Red Wine



Livermore Valley Vintner's Collective is a group of highly motivated and creative
winemakers residing in the Livermore Valley. Driven by collaboration and inspiration, the group decided to begin a winemaking project.... 
Central question.....
What would happen if you give a group of winemakers a framework of varietals and ask them to make a wine. One that is totally unique, accessible and interesting. A representation of the specified grapes from the appellation, but with the fingerprints of each personality. Would you end up with similar wines? Would they be drastically different?
The answer lies within....

Tasting Notes:

With dark fruit and a hint of smoke, this wine opens on a generally balanced and fruit driven nose. The small percentage of Petite adds a little pepper while the multiple varietals create a breadth which is quite appealing. A hint of roses and plums are backed by a little cassis and even some mild oak notes.

    The entry on the palate is generous in nature, with Syrah and Merlot leading the fruit bomb charge…. The Petite adds a seriousness to the mid palate while the Cabernet brings a length of finish and tannin structure. The Barbera brings a liveliness to the fruit profile, making this vintage a bit wilder than the 2017, and the Cabernet Franc is for the perfume.