2017 Chardonnay VS

Vintner’s Select

Livermore Valley



Wine Club Only

TA: 5.1 g/l

pH: 3.89

Brix at harvest: 23.3

Harvest date: 9/1/2017

Aging treatment: Aged in 100% New American Oak Barrels (1/3 two years aged, 1/3 three years aged, and 1/3 four years aged)

Bottled: 4/19/2018


Winemaker’s Notes:

“The Chardonnay that comes from the West end of the Livermore Valley possesses a unique focus of character within the appellation. While being in a warmer climate, the west end is separated from the Bay influence by a double, low lying ridge line and warms the most slowly during the growing season. The sloping, rolling hills of the Kalthoff common provide small microclimates that are ideal for drainage and retaining the cool air that prolongs the growing season.

This vineyard shows great potential for producing well structured, complex Chardonnays.

The Vintner’s Select Chardonnay combines the fruit perspective of this climate, with the structure of a full bodied, oak driven masterpiece.”

Dane Stark, Owner & Winemaker


Tasting Notes:

The barrel aging of this Chardonnay creates an elegant depth to the chardonnay that stainless production does not offer. It is aged in new oak barrels and the lees are stirred for five months. The oak selection combines the different styles that air drying for different lengths of time can bring to a wine and is the result of trial and error.

It has opening notes of butter, ripe fruit and honey with a creamy aroma and a back drop of toasty oak.

It has a lovely, golden straw color.

The palate entry is of rich, golden honey and toasted almond with ripe fruit in the California, oak driven style and a generous, voluptuous mid palate. There is honey, butter and almond as well as vanilla and toasty oak in the finish with lingering cream and a layered finish