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Dick Stark

9/17/1934 - 1/4/2022

Dick Stark, along with wife, Ome, was the founder of Page Mill Winery.

After a successful career in electronics, Dick endeavored to make a life style change that demanded less international travel. He proposed to Ome that they dig a hole under the house, and a winery was begun.

In 1975 Dick quit his job and dug a hole under the house, creating a wine cellar and starting a journey into wine. The 1976 vintage was the first that he produced.

For 20 years he ran the family business in the "driveway" and beneath the family home in Los Altos Hills, retiring in 1996. He and wife Ome retired to Twain Harte, CA where he lived out his years enjoying the high Sierra.

A photo of Dick Stark, who has glasses and short hair, smiling and looking at a glass of wine.
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