Vineyards are progressing nicely

June 22, 2020

Life in the vineyard. We are past fruit set and the growing season is full steam ahead. The next step is version which will come soon. For now the vine is still putting a lot of energy into the canopy, each leaf that captures the suns rays and converts the energy to grapes.

Chandler Vineyard Chardonnay
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THIS is world class chardonnay!!!

Tasting Room Update

March 15, 2020

To our valued members and guests:

At Page Mill Winery we have long believed that we can create "Peace through wine, one glass at a time”.

However, like you, we are trying to navigate these uncertain and unprecedented times. In addition to implementing the highest levels of sanitation and hygiene, we seek to be an oasis of calm for our valued community and guests.

In light of the ever-changing recommendations that we are monitoring from the local, state and national level, we would like to assure you that we are doing everything we can to maintain a healthy and safe environment for you as well as for our staff.

Some of our efforts will be visible. You will see us regularly sanitizing common use surfaces like door handles, chairs and tables. Some of our efforts will not be visible. Our staff is washing their hands for a minimum of 20 seconds with soap and hot water at least 1/hour. We have separated the used and clean glass ware to ensure they never touch each other or are stored in the same containers. In fact, once we give you your sanitized glass for tasting, we will ask that you help our efforts by putting away your own glass in our collection boxes.... not what we typically ask of our customer, to "bus" their own glass, but these are not typical times.

Thank you for your continued support of Page Mill Winery. We remain committed to providing a world-class experience for visitors and will immediately be in contact should the situation change. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your upcoming visit to the Tasting Room or reservations for group events, please know that our dedicated team is here to help, contact us at 925) 456-7676 or email us at 


You can still enjoy our wines at home!  To place a new order to be shipped ($1 shipping through the end of March), contact



Please note: 

Livermore Valley’s Barrel Tasting Weekend has been canceled 


In light of this week’s policy changes from Governor Newsom regarding restrictions for gatherings in California, Livermore Valley’s Barrel Tasting Weekend will be canceled. LVWA will process refunds for all ticket holders and advise if they are able to reschedule the event for later in the year.


For those intending to go wine tasting this weekend, most wineries will be open as will the Painted Barrel Trail—11 full-size wine barrels hand painted by local artists. Raffle tickets will be available for purchase at participating wineries through March 22. Eleven raffle winners, announced the week of March 25, will take home a painted barrel and a case of wine. 



We look forward to welcoming you to Page Mill Winery.

Dane, Debbie and the entire staff.

Charlie "the Winery Cat" has Retired!

October 07, 2019

After years of playng the role of "Page Mill Winery's Cat," Charlie has officially retired! Charlie was adopted by Teresa, who started working at the winery back in 2012 and had always taken special interest to the adorable cat. Teresa wanted to give Charlie the wonderful retirement he deserves and knew she could do so as she is already a cat owner and has a lovely backyard in which Charlie loves to explore.  Teresa also has chickens, similar to the winery, and Charlie is fully adapted to them! As he spent years roaming around the winery, Charlie is still adapting to life in a normal home. Although he has not yet taken interest in sleeping inside the home, he spends most of his time in the comfort of Teresa's husbands tool shed. Teresa even put a patio chair and blanket in the tool shed to make it feel similar to the winery, as Charlie was always lounging on our patio. He has become familiar with the scents of Teresa's other cat's but is still adjusting to seeing them in person. He enjoyed some time inside the house the other day while the other cats were outside exploring and he was running from room to room excited about all the new smells. He also found a cat nip mouse and had a ball with that! He has also come to the understanding that his food bowl will always be there and there is no need to eat it so quickly, which is something he would do here at the winery! We are so happy that Charlie has found a forever home and look forward to hearing updates about our adored winery cat!

Picking Page Mill Winery Esate Petite Sirah

September 27, 2019

Today we picked our very own Page Mill Winery Petite Sirah! These grapes will be used in the production of our 2019 Petite Sirah as well as being blended into our 2019 GPS! Happy Harvest!

Wine Wednesday Radio Podcast

September 18, 2019

This podcast introduces some wine culture of the region through the eyes of wine lovers that have made Livermore their home. This Particular podcast features Page Mill Winery's Owner and Winemaker, Dane Stark!

Page Mill Winery Bottles 1,500 cases in one day!

September 05, 2019

On Thursday, September 5th, Page Mill Winery bottled 1,500 cases of wine in one single day! Check out the link below to view a video of the whole process! 

Page Mill Winery Wins "Best Classic Pairing" at the 2019 Taste Our Terroir Event!

July 26, 2019

We are overwhelmed with happiness, love, and joy from being awarded "Best Classic Pairing" at the 2019 Taste Our Terroir event! We couldn't have asked for a better restaurant to pair with than Oakland's very own Millennium restaurant. A Huge thank you to Millennium and to the Livermore Valley Wine Growers Association for making this possible!

Here are a few words from Dane Stark, Owner and Wine Maker:

"As winemaker at Page Mill Winery, i have a love/hate relationship with wine and food/wine competitions....

I love to win them, that is natural..... what i hate is to beat my fellow winemakers.... because it is not the essence of wine.

It lessens the efforts of the other teams in some small way, and i dont like to be a part of that. 

Each pairing that i tasted at the competition was thoughtful, and creative. The wines were fantastic and the food was exquisite. When a team nailed it, each sip of wine cleansed the palate for the next bite of food, and the food did the same for the wine. When the pairing truly worked the sum was greater than the parts, the synergy created a symphony of the senses, and the pairing feeds not just the body but the ethereal body.

In each team's own way, this was achieved and should be celebrated. The display of artistry at the Taste Our Terroir 2019 event was exceptional and the real winner is this incredible winemaking and culinary community. 

My hat is off to all who participated, who worked, literally for years, to make this event shine. I share our award of "Best Classic Pairing" not just with Millenium Restaurant, but with all the wineries and the restaurants who participated, who do not take our collective ethereal body for granted, and strive to create sensorial experiences that lift us up.

Dane Stark"
Owner/Winemaker, Page Mill Winery

Page Mill Winery is Collaborating with Sky9Studio!

August 14, 2019

Page Mill Winery is collaborating with family photographer, Jennine Colossians, at Sky9Studio and her amazing sunset sessions! 

If you sign up to be a new underground wine club member at Page Mill Winery this summer, you will receive a code in which you can redeem to waive the sunset session fee plus a complimentary 11x14 print at Sky9Studio!

Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity for beautiful family portraits and sign up to be an Underground Wine Club Member today!

Page Mill Winery in the News again!

July 24, 2019

Page Mill Winery has been featured in another news story by Spirited Magazine regarding our Biodynamic farming practices! 


We take pride in our sustainable and organic farming practices. We are taking it to the next level by introducing biodynamic farming to our vineyards!


Biodynamics is based on timing and harmony-on the very fundamentals of the cosmos- so instead of applying chemicals in reaction, the goal is to establish a healthy ecosystem where the forces of nature keep things in balance. Minding these forces can help you mitigate the negative impacts of many grapefarming threats, including mildew. 

The Biodynamic Movement at Page Mill Winery

July 17, 2019

Page Mill Winey takes pride in our sustainable and organic farming practices. We are taking it to the next level by introducing biodynamic farming to our vineyards!


Biodynamic Farming excludes the use of synthetic chemicals on soils and plants (such as herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides) and takes into consideration Celestial and Terrestrial influences on biological organisms!


The goals behind this type of farming practice are to

  • farm without depletion or degradation of soil

  • enhance the nutritional quality of agricultural products

  • restore, maintain and enhance ecological harmony

  • encourage natural and functional biodiversity

  • and to reinforce ecology by strengthening the life forces

You can learn more about Page Mill Winery's Biodynamic Farming practices through a news article produced by ABC7 News by clicking below!

Cheers to You, East Bay! Best Local Winery for Tasting - 3 Years Running!

June 16, 2019

Thank you, East Bay! Page Mill Winery was voted the best local winery for tasting! Did we mention, this is the third year in a row? We're feeling a lot of love, and much gratitude for this amazing honor. Without your support, this wouldn't be possible!

"Cowhorns and Planetary Cycles: Biodynamics Grows on You"

June 03, 2019

Check out this great article from The Independent about our biodynamic farming practices at Page Mill Winery!

Page Mill Winery's June 2019 Newsletter

June 01, 2019

What's going on in June? Read here to find out! Our June newsletter is full of info from Winemaker's Notes, Wine & Wags, Twilight Tastings, Upcoming Events, Taste our Terroir, the May 2019 "Where in the World is PMW GPS?" Winner, New Underground Wine Club Members, and Weddings & Events! Love what you're reading? Let us know! Anything you'd like to see included in future editions? Email

We're Featured on NBC Bay Area News!

May 03, 2019

What do chickens, sheep, and natural ingredients have to do with winemaking? We are honored to be one of the featured wineries in the @nbcbayarea story yesterday evening on biodynamic farming, and it’s importance in winemaking.

When we treat the soil and vines as a living organism, and nourish them with clean, natural ingredients, this is turn produces beautiful fruit for amazing wine. Organic and biodynamic farming plays a significant process in soil to vines and barrel to bottle. We, at Page Mill Winery, strive to bring you quality, hand-crafted wines and incorporate earth-conscious practices in our winemaking.

“A painter who begins with clear and bright colors, can create a masterpiece, but if we begin with dirty, muddled colors the art produced is limited in scope.” Dane Stark

Thank you again to NBC Bay Area for covering such an important topic and including us in their story!


Page Mill Winery's May 2019 Newsletter

May 01, 2019

Happy May Day! Check out our newest publication hot off the presses! Read Dane Stark's Winemaker's Notes, our Twilight Tastings line-up, Upcoming Events, Wine & Wags, Where in the World is Your GPS? April Winner, New Underground Wine Club Members, and Weddings & Events. We hope you enjoy our new edition and updates!

Best in Class at Livermore Valley Uncorked!

April 05, 2019

Did you hear? Our 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon won Best in Class at this year's Livermore Valley Uncorked! Come visit us at the tasting room Saturday-Monday (12-4:30pm) and Thursdays (12-8pm) to try a glass! 

Page Mill Winery Awards from the 2019 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition

January 14, 2019

We are honored to be the recipient of several awards at this year's 2019 San Francisco Chronicle's Wine Competition - the largest competition of North American Wines!

May 2018 New Releases!

May 31, 2018

Stop by our Tasting Room to Enjoy our New Releases for the month of May!


2015 Cabernet Franc - $32
2016 Tempranillo - $28
2014 Barbera - $30 
​2017 Sauvignon Blanc -  $20

Best Local Winery for Tasting in the East Bay for the SECOND year in a row!

April 27, 2018

Thank you to everyone who voted us the Best Local Winery for Tasting in the East Bay for the Second year in a row! Be sure to check out our Upcoming Events which include our new Music on the Patio series featuring various Artists & Bands happening twice a month on select Sundays! For more info CLICK HERE 

San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition Results

February 02, 2018

We are humbled to announced that we received medals on the following wines in the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition:






Come by our tasting room which is open THURSDAY - MONDAY from noon - 4:30 p.m. to try out award winning wines & many more we have to offer, cheers!

Livermore Valley Wine Country 2017 Winery Member Of The Year!

February 02, 2018

We are honored to accept the Livermore Valley Wine Country 2017 Winery Member of the Year award for our continuous contributions to the association. 

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