• Dane Stark

An Interesting Read from the The New York Times

At Page Mill Winery we have been quietly fighting against the heavier and heavier glass bottles or decades, instead opting for lighter and lighter options. Heavier glass has become synonymous with "quality".... or has it?! We are farming organically and biodynamically, we source local fruit, and we have been involved in the sustainability conversation for decades. You can find our wine on tap, the keg being not only re-usable and the height of sustainability, but also an excellent delivery system. Winemaker Dane Stark was involved in writing the Wine Institute's book on Sustainable Winegrowing Practices. Our BYOB program has kept over 50,000 bottles from entering the waste stream... now that is something to celebrate! Look at the weeds in the vineyard and don't see "mess" ... but rather.... see biomass and lack of chemicals... lift that bottle, if it's lighter don't think "less quality" but rather thoughtful and responsible business policy.... then pour yourself a glass and see what is inside... for yourself.

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