Livermore Valley



TA: 6.3 g/l

pH: 3.42

Brix at harvest: 24.7

Harvest date: 9/14/2021

Aging treatment: Aged in neutral American Oak Barrels 

Bottled: 3/21/2021

Winemaker’s Notes:


“The Livermore Valley is an ideal climate for the Rhone varietals such as Grenache. This grape is a work horse and produces a lively pallet for the winemaker to sign. It can be lighter in color and structure than the other red wines so great care must be taken not to rush the fermentation. Every moment of skin contact is necessary for complete extraction. And even so, its character is not in its depth, but its sex appeal.

Grenache, or the Spanish word Garnacha, is an elegant varietal that shows up early to the ball and out dances its more demure competitors. It is youthful and joyous and a delight to work with.”


Dane Stark, winemaker

Tasting Notes:


This Grenache is medium in intensity with bright fruit of raspberries, a hint of cranberry and floral notes.

It has a lovely, bright hue with a clear ruby component.

The palate entry is of floral and pleasing fruit with a silky entry and mouth watering profile with a hint of strawberry on the mid palate. There is a touch of oak over a silky structure. The finish has lingering cream and a wisp of a fruit finish as it dances down your throat.

The finish is medium-long and elegant.



Tazetta Vineyard

Livermore Valley


TA: 5.5g/l

pH: 3.7

Brix at harvest: 24.3

Harvest date: 9/21/2019

Winemaker’s Notes:

“This Syrah comes from the vineyard immediately adjacent to the Winery property.

It is an organically farmed, ½ acre vineyard with an average vine age of 25 years. It typically has fruit and dense character stemming from the perfect drainage and aggressive pruning strategy.  It is kept under 2 tons to the acre providing structure and an intense flavor profile.

Syrah is a varietal uniquely suited to Livermore Valley’s future. The vine is aggressive in nature and can survive on very little water. As such, this vineyard is nearly dry-farmed, or as close to dry-farmed as any vineyard I know of in the valley.

If the industry is to move forward into a warm future, we will need to lean on varietals, such as Syrah, which can help us do it with fewer resources. 

And it happens to make delicious wines too!”


Dane Stark, winemaker


Tasting Notes:


With cherry on the entry, this vintage is medium in color, but has depth on the nose. It starts with a nice plum character and has a little pepper and earthy notes to it. The fruit is refined with strawberry and hints of cassis (normally a Cabernet component) and spices. 

It is lingering on the palate with leather and floral notes. The finish is elegant and floral, rose petals and spice. 

TA: 7.9 g/l

pH: 3.2

Brix at harvest: 24

Harvest date: 10/15/2020

Aging treatment: 100% American oak medium grain 

Winemaker’s Notes:


“Barbera is such a delicious wine, we are lucky to have this varietal in our portfolio.

As a stand alone varietal it is one of the most acidic that I work with, the pH is extremely low, making for a wonderful food wine.


My first selection to pair with this wine is cheese, before all else.”


Dane Stark, winemaker

Tasting Notes:


The color of this wine is a deeper and more vibrant red due to medium to high acidity.

It opens with earthy fruit, a touch of floral  and medium intensity with a pleasing berry and soft tannin presentation.

The structure lends itself to aging and the fruit of the mid palate leads to a lengthy finish. The excellent structure provides for a wonderful food wine and this wine will pair beautifully with richer dishes. The finish mingles floral components and nuts with spice, herbs and roses.